The shift has NOT been silent.

I felt a huge change, an internal shift, long before the floods and the virus. I felt what I can only describe as a knowing. A knowing that I was on the correct path. As I suffered and endured the bullying I had become accustomed to for so many months, this Virus came and turned my life on it’s head.

It gave me an escape from all that torment, it gave me a drive and determination to better understand myself. Yes I had treated myself with Reiki and meditation and Reflexology and yes I had the perfect tool kit to survive. Why though had I chosen to endure it? Always afraid to rock the boat? Always believing my voice had no power, thus creating a self fulfilled prophecy.

Well no more. This shift inside me has not been silent. Lockdown has taught me to always speak my truth. Being good doesn’t mean being humiliated or being harmed and not speaking up. I have used that pain and turned it into good. I worked hard during lockdown and I am now a fully qualified Reflexologist. I am also midway through a crystal healing diploma. I’ve enjoyed home schooling and I’ve learned to much about what my strengths are. Strengths that are totally not valued or appreciated in the office environment.

I am a work of art, as are we all. I am unique, as are we all and I will never again allow others to make me feel unworthy, unappreciated or unloved. I will from now on make my voice heard because I now see how much I am capable of and how hard I work and how much I have to offer someone.

I want to remind you all of the same. Please never let anyone dim the light inside of you just so they appear to shine brighter. Don’t allow yourself to feel that, politeness and kindness mean you should not speak up. Your voice is an extension of your soul and if you deny your soul that expression, you will suffer and you will not be true to yourself.