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reiki treatment in swansea

Usui Reiki

Revitalise your body and mind with a 35 minute Usui Reiki Treatment. Enhance your natural healing capabilities, reduce stress and restore energetic balance.


Enkaku Chiryo - Distance Healing

Experience healing no matter where you are with our 35 minute Enkaku Chiryo Distance healing. This session offers energy rebalancing and stress relief, promoting wellness with the power of Reiki using a surrogate teddy.

foot reflexology in swansea


Indulge in a 35-minute Hand Reflexology session for just £25. Relieve stress and improve circulation with targeted pressure applied to specific acupressure points to promote health and wellbeing.

Unwind with our 45-minute Foot Reflexology treatment for £30. This relaxing session enhances relaxation, stimulates reflex areas in the feet, and helps restore your body’s balance.

Starting From £25

Crystal Reflexology

All the amazing benefits of foot reflexology combined with the healing vibrations of crystals. High quality crystal reflexology tools are used in combination with hands to soothe your body and provide ultimate relaxation.

crystal reflexology in swansea
crystal reiki in swansea

Crystal Reiki

Enhance your healing journey with our 35-minute Crystal Reiki session. This treatment merges the restorative energy of Reiki with the amplifying properties of crystals to deeply harmonise and balance your energy fields.


Divine Energy Healing

Connect with the higher energies in our 35-minute Divine Energy Healing session. This healing experience helps align your spiritual and physical wellbeing, restoring peace and vitality.

divine healing in swansea
kundalini reiki in swansea

Kundalini Reiki

Awaken your inner energy with a 35 minute Kundalini Reiki session. This powerful treatment focuses on releasing Kundalini energy to enhance spiritual growth and emotional healing.



Transform your mindset with our 1 hour Hypnotherapy session. (Includes consultation)
This therapeutic approach helps address behavioural patterns, manage stress and promote profound personal change.

hypnotherapy in swansea
I had a reiki session with Melissa and I highly recommend her. She was so kind and warm- hearted; I felt safe and at ease immediately. The session was thorough and she carefully explained her findings at the end. Melissa was lovely and supportive throughout and exactly what I needed. Thank you Melissa. I can breathe lighter now ✨💕
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