The pandemic saw a spike in mental health issues, loneliness, fear, sadness and worry. Financial issues, heartbreak, bereavement all swirling around in a concoction of suffering. The government only fed the disordered chaos and each and everyone of you gorgeous human beings felt it.

We all felt collective pain. Unfortunately worry breeds worry and pain breeds pain and soon even those who thrived in one lockdown were hit by the wave of suffering in the next. As a healer I am not immune to this, in fact many will tell you that being empathetic actually makes us more likely to take on the pain of others.

I actually lived through a lot of personal trauma (which I am lucky enough to have the knowledge to be able to work through) just before the pandemic hit us here in Wales. I have made huge changes to my lifestyle and listened to my heart in order to work towards a more harmonious existence. I’ve battled fear and uncertainty and a whirlwind of emotions and I just wanted to share with you that just because I choose to live my life in a certain way, it doesn’t make me immune to the toxicity that is out there.

Among the chaos I learned that I needed to go back to basics and start with the very building blocks I picked up many years ago, the same cubes of faith, hope and spirituality that led me to where I am today. In doing so I found myself again and once you find that spark again, that joy and that fire that fills you up. It is a “knowing” that you are on the right path.

Sometimes the universe guides you to places and you resist because you don’t want to feel pain or sadness, but once you acknowledge this was done to remind you of why you choose a certain path, why you made a certain decision, why your heart beats for the passions it does, then you understand that you were never slipping backwards in the toxicity at all. You were simply viewing it from a different angle in order to better understand it. For me, this only makes me a better therapist because I have lived inside those emotions and I have emerged stronger and more knowledgable. I have more sympathy and more love and I can put myself in your shoes.