Beltane, Birthday and Bridal memories.

Today is my 36th birthday, my handfasting (Celtic wedding) anniversary and of course Beltane (Celtic pagan festival). None of which is coincidence. I was born on Beltane as an earth sign and married on that same day because nature willed it to be so. What is happening in the world right now is different for each of us and whilst the heartbreak of losing family and friends is real and painful, nature is thriving.

This coming of the spring, blossoming of the flowers and channeling of the light is also no coincidence. Nature has grown tired of our selfish ways, our greed, our failure to relate to her and connect with her and realise we are in fact one.

Whatever life is for you at the moment, if you don’t achieve what you wanted, if your expectations were too high or the expectations of others were unreasonable, please don’t be sad. Know that in this phase there is a lesson for us all. It’s so simple and right in front of your eyes but often you will fail to see it.

Stress, worry and anxiety will often be the cause of this failure. When you walk with your family determined to keep fit, do you listen to the birds who so desperately try to share their joy with you? When you open your curtains ready to take on the challenges of the next day, do you breathe in the view of the greenery outside your window? When you sit in the evening with your glass of wine, do you savour the taste of the grapes that Mother Nature provided?

Be mindful my friends, be present and simply be. The universe has a plan for us all. Coincidence is only what we call that we have not yet seen or understood.

Birthday, Beltane and Bridal memories are not separate they are woven in a web so complex that at the time we do not see they are connected. I was birthed, betrothed and blessed all at the same time because it was decided long ago.

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