The Yin Yang reset

You may have heard people talking about the feminine rising. It is certainly a hot topic among holistic therapists lately. My personal background as a Root Cause Analysis Executive means I just can’t help spotting trends. When someone sets foot over the threshold, I know that the universe has brought them to me for a reason. We may have similarities in our past that mean I am well equipped to help guide them to a happier version of themselves or they may have come to help me grow and learn. You are all my teachers and I love each and every single one of you.

I’ve noticed that yes, feminine energy is rising and as a result many men are feeling lost and just generally struggling with emotions specifically anger. I’ve noticed that as feminine energy rises men are being forced to deal with trauma that society has forbidden them to open up about.

Women, yes your energy is rising but some of you are growing so much and so quickly now that your eyes are being opened to a whole new world. What is this world of spirituality that you can no longer deny? Some of you have delved head first into this new realm of the mysterious. Now and again you climb back aboard the ship of normality in your day to day life, but you have no anchor to ground you to a halt, so you may rest in the present moment of the still waters. Women who currently have a rise in feminine energy will need to build their own masculine energy resources because right now you will find the men in your lives whether they be partners or family members or friends, they need space right now to grow and contemplate. Just trust the process.

Whether you are hetrosexual, Bisexual, homosexual, lesbian, or you identify as having any other form of sexuality, there is a balance in each relationship just as there is inside us all. We each have both male and feminine energy inside us all and we need both to maintain an equilibrium.

Men will need more feminine energy to be able to express themselves in a way that until now would have been considered ‘unmanly’ by the unfair societal expectations imposed on them. They will be lost in thoughts of past loves, female family members who have passed. Who will nurture them? They will need to start to learn how to nurture and care for themselves and be the mother to their own inner child for this is where you will learn how to move through these difficult emotions.

Would you lose your patience so easily with a little child? Go easy on yourself and love yourself and speak to yourself as if you were a young child. Give yourself the love you needed as a child because we do get second chances. Reparent yourself with your own feminine energy and you will reap the rewards.

Please know that if any of this resonates, You are not alone. The universe designed us this way. We are all a mini mirror of the Yin Yang.