Family or familiarity

Whereas most people talk about mercury retrograde disrupting communication via technological issues, what most people are are currently experiencing is good old family drama. The analysis of where you fit into your own family unit and the nagging sensation of any injustice you feel in relation to past events is now oh so close to the surface.  For those  who have already worked through past issues you may be lucky enough to avoid direct involvement, but will still be surrounded by the storms of conflict amongst other family members. It isn’t a step backwards, although it may feel that way. These disputes come to pass because they are the clearing of the air, the letting go of stored hurt in order to build the foundations of a new beginning. Don’t dwell on these edgy moments. Let them pass as freely as they came. Each action has its deeper divine reason for existence. Trust in this. Allow it to unravel and try to maintain peace and calm within. Just because it’s familiar it doesn’t make it right and soon the tides will turn and bring more justice and balanced order.